Modern People Love Aviator Watches, and Here is Why

Going by the name this watches target aviators or pilots. As you may already know aviators need more information besides time.

These include access to different time zones, altitude, recording, start/stop, calendar/date options and much more. Due to this, they will come in chronograph form and will feature several subdials.

The face/ dial will look a bit cluttered due it the many functions. It’s also relatively large to accommodate the many functions and to improve readability.

They share similarities with field watches in regards to size, materials of construction, and even design. They are generally tough watches and will handle vibrations, falls, bangs, altitude, pressure, temperature variation and much more.

The background is are normally black or dark and the numbers and markers light and shiny. This enhances readability.

The lumination will also be brighter than other options. Most pieces come with a canvas or leather band.

People use them as an alternative to field watches in events such as hiking, mountaineering, climbing, and trekking.

But you know what, there are a lot more than just field watches or aviator watches. There are some luxury and casual watches that attract a lot of attention as well.

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